Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Powerful Computer Modeling & Design

Airglide conducts the CFD design for our Airglide™ ALS systems in-house with our resident staff experts. The Airglide principals have been longstanding and recognized experts, with leading-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis software and hardware tools.

Our designs routinely include CFD analysis for both global hull flow regime and localized air nozzle injection patterns. This level of detail insures that every design is optimized for your specific ship geometry and operating conditions.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The basic steps of the CFD analysis for ALS includes:

  • Capture hull geometry and create CFD mesh

  • Determine global hull flow characteristics and flow regime

  • Model discontinuities, appendages and propulsive flow regimes

  • Locate ALS air injection points and injection criteria

  • Model ship resistance with ALS off and ALS on

  • Visualize and calculate lift and drag forces

  • Measure pressure distributions for required air volume and pressure

  • Establish static parameters for optimization analysis

  • Run optimization analysis iterating to maximum efficiency and fuel reduction

  • Create coordinates for design of ALS system


Bare Hull

Bare Hull

ALS Version 1

ALS Version 1

ALS Version 2

ALS Version 2